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I opened this blog in 2014 to share about art, culture, heritage, beautiful cities or nature walks, passionate and exciting people … .

I kept this blog quite assiduous until 2020 … then the pandemic passing by but also the desire to devote more of my free time to all sorts of creative / artistic projects …, the blog has lost some steam. However, the desire is still there to be able to share about subjects that are close to my heart … So in 2022, I thought about how to mix the twoa way to keep sharing here while doing something a bit more creative … -.

If I still intend to do more spontaneous articles from time to time – review of a book, a movie, a concert … -I had the idea to create a collection of Culture & escapades greeting cards, linked to the blog: inside a QR code (and the link to the article) allows you to access an article on the blog, realized about the theme of the card and made especially for the card.

Each card – printed on photo paper on the outside and displaying one of my carefully chosen photos as well as texts written by myself – is designed to be a beautiful object to keep as well as a suspended moment of wonder, poetry, curiosity, sharing, inspiration … thanks also to the blog article which allows to discover more texts and photos but also music, videos, good addresses or cultural recommendations… .

At the end of November 2022, the project was launched! You can find my cards here.

I hope that everyone can come and find here: discoveries, inspiration, joy, reverie … .

Caroline, 31 years old, in love with sounds, words, images & nature – it is often my source of inspiration and probably the place where I feel the best -.

Passionate about music and instrumental practice, I like to see it sound under my fingers, but also to listen to it, to draw the energy and the emotion it transmits, to go and feel them in concert too, the joy of the moments of sharing it allows….

Writing is part of my daily life – for the blog, short texts or novel projects – I sometimes trade my musical instrument to dream of one day being a writer. My camera is also my faithful companion as I try to immortalise the beauty of my surroundings as I perceive it.

Amazed by the world, I live to explore it.

When I stay on dry land, it is through words – and thanks to the discovery of great authors – that I escape. I love to devour books but also to go to dark or light-filled rooms, to share a moment in concert halls, theatres, cinemas, heritage sites and exhibitions.

My musical tastes: It all started with being captivated by the sound of strings rubbing with a bow, then by the sound of alternating keys on a piano. Then came the swing of Grappelli and Django Reinhardt, the passion for rock, the guitar… (and all the spirit that goes with it), the infatuation for the sounds and the joy of life of ska. I also love jazz and am surprised to be attracted to the trumpet. The traditional African instrument the kora and the harmonica are also among my favourites.

My favourite getaways are the countryside, the wild sea, the forests, Edinburgh, Scotland & England, Stockholm & the Nordic countries or Canada.

Why Note Cuivrée (Copper Note) ? – Names also have a history…

The idea was initially to create my own little note, based on the model of the jazz blue note. At first I thought of the colour green, which refers to nature – my second aspiration – but many places turn out to be named like that. Then “Copper” I thought could also sort of fit me … and it sounded good! Reminiscent of brass instruments, it also had a jazzy feel to it that I liked. Finally, to top it all off, I liked the double meaning of the word “note”: both the musical note and the note that can be taken on a piece of paper, which reminds me of my love for words, writing and literature.

Enjoy your exploration… .

You can also contact me at: contact(@)notecuivree(dot)fr

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